Under Siege (沈黙の戦艦 Chinmoku no Senkan) is the 146th chapter of the Prison School manga, serialised in Weekly Young Magazine on August 4th, 2014 and published in tankobon format in Volume 15 on November 6th, 2014.


Kate reveals to Risa that Mari texts her "thief", hiding the fact she doesn't know the word at first. When they open the door of the student council room, they are surprise by fallen bell pepper and mushrooms. As the Boys are transporting their plastic rocket, they meet Chiyo who mistake the rocket as a piece of modern art for her surprise birthday party. They leaves the rocket here and go to celebrate Chiyo's release. However, Kate found out the Rocket as she was throwing out the bell pepper and mushrooms, and thrown it too into the bins, completely dismantled. The Boys are shocked when they read the attached letter of Kate that explain it, calling the Rocket 'carbage'. Chiyo got angry when she reads the letter and swear vengeance.
Kate is still throwing the mushrooms and bell pepper to other bins and asking herself who could have put them in the room as Mari in in jail, she is interrupted by Chiyo who stranded her skirt. As Kate doesn't show respect to the rocket after Chyio states she will never forgive her, she finally begin to grabs kate's skirt as the Boys screams her to stop.



  • The chapter title is a reference to American action thriller film Under Siege.


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