Goldfinger (ゴールド・フインガー Gōrudofingā) is the 136th chapter of the Prison School manga, serialised in Weekly Young Magazine on May 12th, 2014 and published in tankobon format in Volume 14 on August 6th, 2014.


In the Prison Block, Chiyo thinks she must ask her sister whether she is promiscuous. Mari calls Gakuto and tells him texting will leaves evidences and that she will only tell her strategy for the prison break plan. She informs him that the rocket they made is ' just garbage'. After ending her conversion wit Gakuto, Mari texts another numbers. The morning of the next days, the boys are as they couldn't sleep following the news about their rocket. They decide that the PBR Hachimitsu edition cannot be treated as garbage and to built a flying rocket with new bottles.
At the work hours, Mari notes Chiyo's state and ask her if she is worried about something. Chiyo try to ask if Mari if she is promiscuous, but end up saying 'squid' and fled. As Chiyo is asking herself what to do, she misinterprets Mari washing cell's bar and her conversation with Kiyoshi as a promiscuous hand technique and fled again. As Mari question herself, Kiyoshi watches the cellphone hidden in her bra fall to the ground and make a audible sound.
Risa doesn't belive Kiyoshi's claims that he had kicked a bucket and after Mitsuko notes that the sounds looks like a cellphone falling, she orders Mari to stand up and states she will search them as she grabs Mari.



  • The first part of the chapter is set on the 27th July at 9:07 PM and the other on the 28th July at 6:03 AM.


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