The One Thing I Know About Her (彼女について私が知っている一つの事柄 Kanojo ni Tsuite Watashi ga Shitte Iru Hitotsu no Kotogara) is the 12th chapter of the Prison School manga, serialised in Weekly Young Magazine on May 9th, 2011 and published in tankobon format in Volume 2 on October 6th, 2011.


After the waste disposal shed collapses, Kiyoshi and Gakuto are tasked with clearing the rubble while Hana is on guard duty. As Hana is seated directly opposite the shed, they are unable to execute the breakout test-run & are unable to leave. Hana calls Kiyoshi and asks him why what they are whispering to each other and whether they are talking about her, to which he denies telling Gakuto about the peeing incident. She force-feeds him tea to make him urinate later. When Kiyoshi returns to Gakuto, Gakuto devises an apparently genius plan to take Hana as his "bride", assuming that her love of tea, banged haircut and shyness are the marks of a person who likes history. He gets a punch to the gut before he begins, to his shock and Kiyoshi's expectations.

When Gakuto asks for permission for Kiyoshi to have a toilet break, Kiyoshi goes and Hana follows him. He tries to run into the cubicle and lock the door, only for Hana to vault over the door in a feat of athleticism. Kiyoshi continually refuses to urinate despite her struggle to remove his hands from his trouserbelt and her attempts to lock his arms down. When Hana trips on the wet floor and pulls his trousers down, he urinates over her. Meiko soon arrives after Kiyoshi runs away, just as Hana faints from shock. Hana then remains off guard duty, to Gakuto's satisfaction (which Meiko beats him for).



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