The Return of Kiyoshi (キヨシの帰還 Kiyoshi no Kikan) is the 109th chapter of the Prison School manga, serialised in Weekly Young Magazine on September 9th, 2013 and published in tankobon format in Volume 12 on March 6th, 2014.


In the Prison Block, Kate sentences Kiyoshi to one week of imprisonment to the shock of the Underground Student Council. Though Mari objects to the change, Kate uses equality to justify the imprisonment and smugly voices the possibility of an incident arising from their mixed confinement. In the school courtyard, the school noticeboard attracts a crowd of students with the news of Kiyoshi's sentence which the boys boys and Chiyo are visibly shocked by. In shock from Kiyoshi's imprisonment, Chiyo told the boys about Kiyoshi's plan to collect evidence on the Aboveground Student Council's arson attempt. However, the other schoolboys side with the ASC and refuse to help him. In parting, Shingo warns Chiyo to not give a plastic bottle to Kiyoshi under any circumstance.

In the Student Council's office, Kate tells her fellow that they have one week to eliminate the USC and is reassured when she heard from Risa that the other boys will not cause problems. In the Prison Block, Kiyoshi is told by Mari to not to talk with her. Kiyoshi then informs them that the hatchlings are alive, and is surprised by Meiko's bashfulness. Mari tells Kiyoshi that the Aboveground Student Council seeks a scandal and that he must avoid contact with her and Meiko. This allows Mari to make him handle odd jobs as a underclassman, However, Kiyoshi becomes physically excited at the idea of a scandal and his proximity to the other girls. Mari then orders Kiyoshi to make tea, but he doesn't move due to an adolescent urge. This vocal attitude from Kiyoshi's attitude sitting down irritates Mari who manages to raise him in front of Meiko, only for her to fall unconscious from the shock.




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