The Secret Garden (秘密の花園 Himitsu no Hanazono) is the 103rd chapter of the Prison School manga, serialised in Weekly Young Magazine on July 22nd, 2013 and published in tankobon format in Volume 11 on December 6th, 2013.

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Gakuto and Mitsuko are walking with each other to the book store in town, Mitsuko saying that she always gets lost by herself, even if she's looking at a map.  Gakuto thinks he should keep this date a secret from Mitsuko for a bit yet, as he may never be able to kiss Mitsuko if the boys find out, but he then remembers that Kiyoshi's advice on how to kiss a girl was false.  They eventually arrive at the bookstore and begin looking around.  

Back at the Prison Block, Andre is giving the girls a ten-minute break. Andre tries to make Meiko worry by telling her that Hana has been enjoying sweets and tea in the Student Council room, but Meiko steps on his foot and pretends that it was an accident. As a result, Andre commands her to massage him instead of allowing her to take a break with Mari. Elsewhere, Meiko begins to massage Andre. He insults her massaging capabilities at first, but after awhile she improves, and he seems happy that she's beginning to get her strength back again.  

Meanwhile, Gakuto and Mitsuko have left the library, and are chatting about the books that they found. Mitsuko shows off her book, and then Gakuto shows off his, but they're surprised to find out that this is an manga that Mitsuko bought. Mitsuko freaks out and knocks over the waitress that brought the soup which splashes on Gakuto's lap. In pain, he quickly takes off his pants and underwear, causing Mitsuko to freak out once more so she runs away, knocking another bowl of soup that the waitress brought onto Gakuto's lap as she does.  

Meanwhile at the Prison Block, Andre passes out because of the pain of the massage that Meiko gave him. When Risa questions this angrily, Meiko lies and says that he fell asleep because of how pleasant it was. Hearing this, Risa tells Meiko that she'll be assigned a different job, which may be the toughest job that she's ever had to do.

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