Shrimp of Endearment (愛と追憶のエビ Ai To Tsuioku no Ebi) is the 102nd chapter of the Prison School manga, serialised in Weekly Young Magazine on July 13th, 2013 and published in tankobon format in Volume 11 on December 6th, 2013.


Everyone who sees Hana's outburst--which includes Meiko, Mari, Risa, and Gakuto--are shocked by it, especially both Meiko and Mari.  Hana hates Mari for dragging her into this, believing it is all her fault anyways, and feels that she only cares about Meiko, and doesn't care about her at all.  Mari tries to calm Hana down, but it doesn't work, and she just gets angrier.  Meiko gets mad, attempting to stop Hana in her tracks, but that also fails, only succeeding at getting her even more angry, and she decides to go to bed, depressed.  

Elsewhere, Gakuto and Mitsuki are chatting in the school library.  Gakuto is contimplating weather he should reveal the documents he found, but fears that will send the boys in opposition with the above ground Student Council.  Mitsuki asks Gakuto if he's heard anything about Anzu's and Shingo's date, but he hasn't; he then agrees to go into town with her next time she goes to buy books.  Later, Gakuto also asks Kiyoshi how to kiss a girl, just like Shingo did, and Kiyoshi once again agrees to it.  While Gakuto writes down what Kiyoshi is telling him, Shingo barges into the room, angry at Kiyoshi, calling him a liar.  

Meanwhile, back at the prison, Meiko seems to be in top form again, Mari happy to see this.  While they continue working, Hana has once again been invited into the student council room to offer her tea to them, and eat their cookies.  



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