Help! (ヘルプ! Herupu!) is the 10th chapter of the Prison School manga, serialised in Weekly Young Magazine on April 18th, 2011 and published in tankobon format in Volume 2 on October 6th, 2011.


When Gakuto declared his intention to aid Kiyoshi's breakout plan, Kiyoshi labels him as having homosexual intentions for touching his ass in the bath and said that Gakuto's other sumo antics scared him. Gakuto claimed that they were all intended as hints of his will to aid Kiyoshi's plot and that he has plans for the 7th of May (the day of the sumo tournament) as well. Elsewhere, Mari is bathing in a female-only shower when Meiko Shiraki entered offering to wash her back. When Mari accepted, she apologized for delegating the responsibility of guarding the perverted boys to her, to which Meiko responds that it is the least she could do. Mari then goes on to say that only model prisoners (which they are apparently not) should deserve leave and that the thought of releasing them unsettles her.

When the Chairman returned to his office after hearing that Mari rescinded the boys' prisoner leave, he found his monitor on with pornography open and the USC official guidebook on the table. He then grabbed an 'educational' file on South America pinned on the wall and leaves immediately to take it home. Meanwhile in the Prison Block, the other boys watch the news channel on the prison monitor while Kiyoshi and Gakuto disguise their plots on a dot-and-cross map of the waste-disposal area & school grounds. Gakuto claims that his reason for breakout (to collect limited-edition figurines at a four-year convention) is less frivolous than Kiyoshi's date, to his shock. They agree for Kiyoshi to breakout for three hours and Gakuto to cover for him, & start debating preparations. When Mari came across the Chairman in a school corridor, he dropped the 'educational' file to reveal an extensive photo collection of South American ass. As a result, she announced her decision to be punishing to the boys to ensure they do not mature into perverts like the Chairman.



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