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Ai no Prison (愛のプリズン Ai no Purizun, lit. Prison of Love) is the song featured in the first opening of the Prison School anime, with vocals by Kangoku Danshi. The song was released on August 5th, 2015 as a ten-minute CD single in full, television and instrumental form.[1] The song was also featured in the TV commercial for the first season.


After the opening intro accompanied by USC members Meiko and Hana beating the boys & a moving camera shot of the Prison Block interior, the opening song begins with a horizontal pan of the Prison School logo overlayed across an image of the five first-year boys. The pan fades out to black followed by an image of the Prison School logo in glass with kanji in white and kana in red. The image is followed by a montage of breaking glass rods and lightbulbs, preceding a group mugshot of the five first-year boys from multiple directions. A breakout scene commences where the boys break through a barbed wire fence and wall to jump through & escape into the school grounds. However, their escape is interrupted by the USC senior members armed with a powerful searchlight. The breakout scene is followed by a art montage of Meiko and Hana beating the boys, each seperated by images of the Chairman. After a revolving outwards zoom from the Prison Block at night, crows are shown flocking above the main building of the academy. The five first-year boys are shown inside a prison cell at night. A montage of character art for Meiko, Hana and Mari follows, before a scene of Chiyo turning around. The opening ends with the boys overlooking a desert canyon at sunset, and their prison overalls turn into school uniform as the camera revolves around them.



TV-Size Lyrics[]




ダダッダッダ 脱走 脱走 dada da da dassou dassou Da-da-da-da, dare to escape,
ゲゲッゲッゲ 逃げ出そう gege ge ge nige dasou Ge-ge-ge-ge, let's get away,
ズズッズンズン プリズン プリズン zuzu zun zun purizun purizun Zun-zun-zun-zun, prison, prison,
掴み取れ自由を tsukami tore jiyuu o Reach out and grab your freedom,

アナッナッナ 穴掘れ ana na na ana hore Hol-hol-hole, a hole to excavate,
ジェジェッジェッジェ ジェイルブレイク jeje je je jeiru bureiku Jai-jai-jai-jai jailbreak,
ズズッズンズン プリズン プリズン zuzu zun zun purizun purizun Zun-zun-zun-zun, prison, prison,
この支配から だけど kono shihai kara dakedo Get out from under their rule,

(Judge) 自由になって (Judge) jiyuu ni natte (Judge) Once you get free,
(Innocent) 何ができるんだ (Innocent) nani ga dekirunda? (Innocent) what can you do?
(Judge) 好きな誰かと (Judge) suki na dareka to (Judge) Can I be in love
(Guilty) 恋ができるの? (Guilty) koi ga dekiru no? (Guilty) With the one I adore?
(Prison) 恋をしたとて (Prison) koi o shitatote (Prison) But once you're in love
(Break out) 縛り縛られ (Break out) shibari shibarare (Breakout) You bind and are bound
結局 監獄 ああプリズンさ kekkyoku kangoku aa purizun sa You wind up a warden, well it's a prison,

プリプリズン 愛のプリズン
puripurizun ai no purizun
nigedashitai kedo
Pri-prison, prison of love,
I want to escape, but
プリプリズン 愛のプリズン
puripurizun ai no purizun
Pri-prison, a prison of love,
there is no escape,
プリプリズン 愛のプリズン
puripurizun ai no purizun
doko e nigetatte
Pri-prison, a prison of love,
no matter how far you run,
世界は 愛という 限りない sekai wa ai to iu kagiri nai the world is a boundless love--
心は 愛という 果ての無い kokoro wa ai to iu hate no nai the heart is a boundless love--

プリズン purizun --prison

Single Tracklist[]

The CD single was released by Warner Records Japan and had three tracks with a total length of 10:04.[2]

No. Title Romaji Artist Length
01 「愛のプリズン」 "Ai no Purizun" Kangoku

02 「愛のプリズン」 (TVサイズ) "Ai no Purizun" (TV-Size) 01:32
03 「愛のプリズン」 (INSTRUMENTAL) "Ai no Purizun" (Instrumental) 04:15



監獄学園〈プリズンスクール〉OP 「愛のプリズン」


監獄学園〈プリズンスクール〉OP テーマ「愛のプリズン」


  • Vocals: Kangoku Danshi ("Prison Boys" - all 5 main male voice actors)
  • Lyrics: Kenji Ootsuki
  • Music Composition: NARASAKI
  • Music Arrangement: Takao Kawada


The English version of the lyrics are the work of Funimation Entertainment.

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