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• 5/14/2018


Didn't even understand on this part?**why did Kiyoshi wear the panty of Hana?
is he a gay? coz i think, no man would wear panties dude.If Yes, what's the purpose of the confession?
i only know that he wears hana's panty to confess to chiyo, whats the connection of wearing panty to confess? it was confusing. I wouldn't wear panties in my whole life even if its for free. LOL that's a gay thingy!
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• 7/7/2018

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• 4/20/2017

Relationships ?

I want to know the current relationships of Kiyoshi Fujino with Hana ,Mari, Chiyo and any other girls so far ?
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• 6/2/2016

Mari page needs updating

Cavalry Contest info is missig, can anyone the stuff?
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• 12/4/2015

Wiki Policy Discussion

I wanted to discuss the policies I have drafted for the wiki which I've either seen informally in place already or thought to make sense in the environment of our wiki.
The potential policies have been linked to here - feel free to constructively edit or critique here.
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• 10/31/2015

Wiki Chat Activated!

Just wanted to announce the greenlighting of the Prison School Wiki's chat function - a live chat module is now available for all things Prison School and the wiki, where editors and readers alike can all hang out =D
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• 8/18/2015

Need Yen Press manga volume (EN-US/UK)

^ If anyone, anyone, has the manga volume covering 18 chapters in English, please tell me so that we can begin adding differences to the trivia section of the Prison School Volume 1 page. We also need a proper volume summary in that page which is easier with a physical copy. Please appreciate that if you have the book, you'll probably have to write up your findings at least and hopefully add them on your own. Chapter summaries may also need updating.
Thanks for your time,  Speedit  ♞  talk contribs  20:08, August 18, 2015 (UTC)
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• 8/4/2015

Prison School Live-Action TV announced.

It's announced that a live-action TV series will start airing in October on MBS and TBS stations.
The director will be Noburu Iguchi. Cast will be announced at later time.
Official site:
More info:
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• 8/2/2015

Story Arcs Page Deletion or Move

I've tagged the Story Arcs page as being unreferenced and and pretty much unprovable from the Internet trawling I've done.
I could move it to User:Speedit/Story Arcs or delete it, what do you guys think? Judging that we may need it in the future but Akira has not named any arcs himself (i can't get my hands on Young Magazine covers so I don't know if they're there).
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• 6/17/2015

Spoiler Tags

I've added the ability to create spoiler tags by creating <span>...<span> objects with a class tag "spoiler". I'd advise for using this when talking about wikis in forum and user chats but avoiding use in articles whatsoever unless absolutely necessary (finales and main character deaths).
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• 5/31/2015

Am I the only one to notice the anime uniforms are different...

Did they forget to split the uniform or dramatise it by giving the prison uniform a 'jail' feel?
If this is the case, how will they make Kiyoshi lend his clothes to Chiyo? How will this all work out so that every time someone removes their clothes, the correct half goes? Confused~
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